Benefits of a Baby Monitor

Posted by Rochelle on Tuesday Apr 1, 2014 Under Child Safety

If you have an infant or a baby in your home, the one most important responsibility is to never leave your baby unattended for longer durations. After all, there is no substitute of supervision. However, we know the fact that in today’s busy life schedule, it is not possible for parents to consistently keep an eye on the baby throughout the day especially when both the parents are working. Keep the fact in mind, the invention of baby monitor’s was done.

baby monitorA baby monitor is basically a radio system which helps a caretaker located at a distance (maybe in another room) listen to voices uttered by infants in their own room. This radio system consists of a microphone, a transmitter and a receiver device. The basic principle of the best baby monitor or a baby alarm (as it is often referred to) is similar to that of a radio which receives signal through frequency or amplitude modulation and broadcasts it through the speaker of the radio. The microphone of this device is placed in the infant’s room and the receiver in the caregiver’s room so that any voice made by the infant is heard by the caregiver while sitting at his/her own place. Some baby monitors have a two-way communication feature also where the caretaker can listen to the sound of the baby and simultaneously speak back to the baby. This feature is a very useful feature as it allows the caretaker to communicate with the baby and also the baby feels protected under the caretaker’s false sense of presence.

There are myriad benefits of baby monitors. Nowadays, Baby monitors can also be seen with an additional video feature which enables the caretaker to view the live scene of the baby’s room on a receiver which could be any LCD display like laptops, television etc. This new feature allows the complete surveillance of the baby’s room through a small video camera fitted as an input device in the baby’s room. This video surveillance camera or baby cam lets you view the activities of the baby from your room. Some baby cams also have low light levels which enable them to work even at night. These baby cams continue to evolve and allow multiple features to be incorporated for more user friendly experience. Find out the best baby monitors at Watch My Tot.

Another useful feature of baby monitors is its movement feature which is integrated in a baby movement monitor. A baby movement monitor basically incorporates various sensor pads placed under a cot mattress to monitor the movement of the baby. If the movement of the baby is not detected for more than 30 seconds, an alarm will alert the caretaker.

Some Smartphone’s have applications which allow users to monitor another device equipped with camera. Some baby monitors come with multiple receivers and multiple transmitters so that multiple rooms in a house can be monitored at once. These baby monitors generally operate over a wireless connection system but can also be used over an existing household wired system. With the surge in technology, these baby monitors have continued and will continue to advance with new features and attributes.