Best Co-Sleeper for Breastfeeding

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With my first baby, I had all the best intentions. I was going to do everything the doctors and nurses said to do. I was going to breastfeed for a year. I was going to do tummy time every day. I was never going to let her stare at a television, and I certainly was not going to let her sleep in my bed. I had a crib set up for her in her own room, and I had all the best intentions of using it.

Then reality set in. I realized just how incredibly hard it was to wake up in the middle of the night multiple times just to breastfeed her in the recliner that I had set up in the room. More than once, I fell asleep in the recliner, and I woke up only to realize I had nearly dropped my precious baby girl. That was it, I took her to bed with me. I figured despite what everyone said, co-sleeping had to be safer than dozing off in the recliner and letting her fall off my lap. That’s how my search for the best co-sleeper for breastfeeding really began, I’ll come to that a bit later.

So we began co-sleeping. And yes, down the road when we were done breastfeeding, it was very difficult to get her to sleep in her own bed. And what do you know? I found out I was pregnant again by the time my baby girl was just a few months old. I decided it was time for a co-sleeper. I tried the small, cheaper one first- the one that laid on the bed with the edges. That all but kicked my husband out. There just wasn’t enough room. That’s when I looked into the bedside co-sleepers. They looked perfect. I decided to look into some of the reviews. At the end of my research, I decided on the Arms Reach co-sleeper.

Arms-Reach Co-Sleeper


I personally believe that this is absolutely the safest way to co-sleep. The straps attach to the bed so there’s no chance of the baby slipping through the crack between the bed and the co-sleeper. This is the one I decided on. And I was not disappointed.

My second child learned to sleep in a bed that was his own, and yet it was right next to me for easy access for breastfeeding. I never felt that he was unsafe. I reached over to comfort him back to sleep when he woke up during the night and I was sure he didn’t need to eat. I could pull him close to me to eat and put him back when he was done in one simply move.

It was by far the easiest and safest way to breastfeed through the night. I chose a mini co-sleeper because it fit in the room best, and he really didn’t need more room any-way. I never regretted the choice to get a mini. It was easy to pack up and take along for trips.

Baby Delight Snuggle Nest


This was the co-sleeper my sister chose to use. She didn’t need much extra room on their bed, and she preferred to have her baby on the bed with her. The edges of the co-sleeper never seemed to bother her the way they probably would bother me. She loved this little co-sleeper because it was even easier to pack up and take somewhere.

It simply folded in half and was light as a feather. Personally, I would still worry that my husband or I would roll over on top of the co-sleeper, but my sister reassured me that the edges are too hard to roll over on without waking up. I had to admit that it would have been nice to have something so easy to pack up for traveling.

Countours Classique Wood Bassinet


Based on my research and knowledge of what friends have used with their infants, I believe that this is the third best option. Although not as easy to fold up and take along, it is gorgeous, safe, and easy to use. The sides don’t come down like the Arm’s Reach, and it is not as easy to pack as the Baby Delight, but for some of my friends whose babies slept through the night much earlier than did mine, this was the perfect option. One friend of mine swore by it, claiming that having that edge up all the time made her feel her baby was safest.

However, she also preferred not to have the bed right next to her own. She chose to slowly move the baby’s bed farther and farther away from her own in order to allow the baby to adjust to not being near her at night.

If you’re expecting, or planning to be expecting, it is good to know these things ahead of time so that you don’t waste your money on things you will never use. For example, I never even used a crib. My kids went straight from co-sleeper to toddler bed. Hopefully this list contained some helpful information that will help you decide what you need and what you don’t need before that precious bundle of joy arrives.

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What Is a Baby Carrier And What Are Its Advantages?

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best baby carrierIf you have for long yearned to move around with your baby to a any place you go, then it might interest you to know exactly what a baby carriers is. A baby carrier can actually be a lot of things. Anything that provides convenient baby mobility for a parent can fall under the category of a carrier.

Basically, a baby carrier is anything that allows a parent to move around with their babies without any form of inconveniences. It can be a seat, swing or anything else meant to provide your baby with utmost comfort while moving around. Baby carriers are considered a great relief to all parents. This is because with it, you can feel your baby’s presence from any place of your choice.

So, what are the advantages of the best baby carrier?

Baby’s Comfort

This comes as one of the primary benefits attached to baby carriers. It is important to note that you must never compromise on your baby’s comfort. This is actually the reason why you should consider a carrier that has the capacity to ensure that your baby enjoys utmost comfort any time you go out with them.

One of the best ways to ensure that your baby is comfortable all along is by use of a baby carrier. They are designed in a manner that your baby does not feel disturbed no matter how long they travel in the carrier.

Parent’s Comfort

The truth is that walking around with your baby can be the most hectic encounter ever. In the same vein, carrying your baby with your hands is more difficult. In this regard, it is best to ensure that moving around with your baby turns into a fun by using baby carrier.

The good thing about baby carriers is that they provide the parent with utmost comfort regardless how long they carry the baby. They are designed to ensure that you and your baby are free from the great hustle of navigating from one place to another.

Guaranteed Safety

Any time you are moving around with your baby, safety should never be a point of compromise. It is important to ensure that your baby remains safe at all times. The sad news is that there are baby carrier brands which can put your baby’s life into risk. This means that you must be very selective when it comes to choosing the ideal baby carrier.

The best baby carrier with regard to safety is one that has strong belts. This means that the shoulder and waist belts must be strong enough such that they can withstand a heavy baby. You can opt for a carrier with the capacity to withstand maximum weight of growing children.

Find detailed reviews of the best baby carrier of 2014 on Katherine Rosman’s website.

Reduced Costs

It is important to note that hiring someone to take care of your child when you are away can be a very costly deal. In this regard, you should consider the use of baby carriers since it is a great way of slicing down your spending. A baby carrier allows you to move around with your baby. This means that you will narrow down the cost of daily child care.

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Benefits of Convertible Car Seats

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In 2011, the American Academy of Pediatrics revised the standard length of usage of convertible or rear-facing car seats to at least age 2 or until they reach the weight and height limitations for their particular convertible seat. This can move to well past the child’s second birthday. The reason for the new guideline is that the newest research has shown that rear-facing car seats are five times safer than their front-facing options.

convertible car seatMost convertible car seats allow for kids to stay rear-facing to 35 pounds or well past the 2 year guideline. You can check the height and weight specifics on the back of the car seat. However, if you are looking to extend the life of your convertible car seat past the 35 pound limit, there are only a few options which can carry a child into the 40-45 pound range. There have been mixed reviews on the safety, or sheer comfort, of the best convertible car seat at this point.

Another factor which is considered when using convertible car seats is the seated height. This is the point where your child’s bottom sits to the top of the car seat. Some children will surpass this height guideline before the weight guideline. Check with your car seat specifications for making the proper adjustments in special cases such as this. Find out some of the best convertible car seat reviews at Tot on Board.

While the American Academy of Pediatrics revised the guidelines for when to stop using the rear-facing position at age two, many parents conventionally took the AAP minimum weight guideline at the time, 1 pound 20 ounces, as the milestone for turning the car seat forward. So the issuance of the revised guideline was necessary.

A study in the journal Injury Prevention found that children under two were 75% less likely to experience severe injury or death when faced in the rear-facing position. The AAP hopes the emphasis of this final revision is understood. The guideline stands at 2 years old before turning your car seat forward.

Safety Aspects of Convertible Car Seats

· The benefits of Convertible Car Seats cannot be underestimated in terms of the safety of child riders.

· The rear-facing car seat does a far better job in supporting the head, neck and spine of both infants and toddlers in a crash.

· Having your child in the rear-facing position helps distribute the force of the collision over the entire body, instead of on the most vulnerable areas such as the neck and head.

· It is considered minimally acceptable to face your child forward at the one year mark. Even though it may be easier to tend to your child and engage with them, it is this very behavior which is factored into the safety percentages.

As parents, we strive for perfection in providing for the safety and well-being of our children. We owe it to them to stay current on the issues which are relevant to their safety. We owe it to them to not push the extent of the guidelines which are in place for them. Safe traveling!

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Benefits of a Baby Monitor

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If you have an infant or a baby in your home, the one most important responsibility is to never leave your baby unattended for longer durations. After all, there is no substitute of supervision. However, we know the fact that in today’s busy life schedule, it is not possible for parents to consistently keep an eye on the baby throughout the day especially when both the parents are working. Keep the fact in mind, the invention of baby monitor’s was done.

baby monitorA baby monitor is basically a radio system which helps a caretaker located at a distance (maybe in another room) listen to voices uttered by infants in their own room. This radio system consists of a microphone, a transmitter and a receiver device. The basic principle of the best baby monitor or a baby alarm (as it is often referred to) is similar to that of a radio which receives signal through frequency or amplitude modulation and broadcasts it through the speaker of the radio. The microphone of this device is placed in the infant’s room and the receiver in the caregiver’s room so that any voice made by the infant is heard by the caregiver while sitting at his/her own place. Some baby monitors have a two-way communication feature also where the caretaker can listen to the sound of the baby and simultaneously speak back to the baby. This feature is a very useful feature as it allows the caretaker to communicate with the baby and also the baby feels protected under the caretaker’s false sense of presence.

There are myriad benefits of baby monitors. Nowadays, Baby monitors can also be seen with an additional video feature which enables the caretaker to view the live scene of the baby’s room on a receiver which could be any LCD display like laptops, television etc. This new feature allows the complete surveillance of the baby’s room through a small video camera fitted as an input device in the baby’s room. This video surveillance camera or baby cam lets you view the activities of the baby from your room. Some baby cams also have low light levels which enable them to work even at night. These baby cams continue to evolve and allow multiple features to be incorporated for more user friendly experience. Find out the best baby monitors at Watch My Tot.

Another useful feature of baby monitors is its movement feature which is integrated in a baby movement monitor. A baby movement monitor basically incorporates various sensor pads placed under a cot mattress to monitor the movement of the baby. If the movement of the baby is not detected for more than 30 seconds, an alarm will alert the caretaker.

Some Smartphone’s have applications which allow users to monitor another device equipped with camera. Some baby monitors come with multiple receivers and multiple transmitters so that multiple rooms in a house can be monitored at once. These baby monitors generally operate over a wireless connection system but can also be used over an existing household wired system. With the surge in technology, these baby monitors have continued and will continue to advance with new features and attributes.

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The Benefits of Using Double Strollers

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double strollerDouble strollers have proved convenient in situations where parents have twins or babies who are born closely together and in the children care centers where the nanny has to care for several babies at the same time. The manufacturers of the double strollers have made huge strides to come up with different designs and types of these strollers. It makes it easy for parents to find the best double stroller reviews by reading their reviews on stroller websites and then choosing the best ones for their babies.

As such, you can benefit while using the double stroller in a number of ways:

Cost Effectiveness

Parents with young children have to incur various expenses ranging from medical expenses, insurance, house mortgage, savings for the child’s education in the future among the other expenses. These expenses have to be met despite the parents having to offer care to the child at different times of the day or the mother of the child giving up her job in order to care for the child. This makes the family budget constricted in order to meet all the expenses. If one is able to save a penny it goes a long way to ensuring the money is spread for other purposes. The choice of double stroller will aid in money savings because when other children are born, they can still use the stroller. The caregiver can accommodate the new child as well as the older one without having to buy a new stroller. In case you want to learn about potty training your children, the best way is to learn about them through simple and effective videos.

Sheer Convenience and Comfort

The double strollers have proven beneficial in keeping the children together especially in the baby care centers where nannies are usually overwhelmed by the various demands of the children and the need to be watchful. They help in keeping the infants and toddlers in on place while the caregiver performs other duties. During family outings the children can accompany their parents without being a bother, while shopping and going for walks or jogging sessions the parents can take their children with them. The double jogger style stroller has been singled out to be comfortable for the children who have to experience bumpy, uneven paths rides especially while their caregivers jog. Find out the reviews of some of the best double strollers at Lauren’s website.

Wide Variety

The double stroller comes in different styles and therefore can serve both the twin and children of different ages. The sit-and-stand double stroller enables children of different ages to use at the same time since the caregiver can place the new born baby in the seat while the toddler can safely catch a ride while standing. This permits the child to enjoy both positions at different times while giving the mother an opportunity to do shopping and be on the lookout.


The double stroller can be used for the different purposes thus considered multi-versatile. In situations where a caregiver has an older baby, the front and rear style double stroller is handy in that the front seat can be used for the baby while the rear seat used for the grocery and other items during shopping. The front and rear style also allows the caregiver to navigate the shopping aisles easily due to its narrow size. Versatility is one of the benefits of using double strollers.

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