Best Co-Sleeper for Breastfeeding

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With my first baby, I had all the best intentions. I was going to do everything the doctors and nurses said to do. I was going to breastfeed for a year. I was going to do tummy time every day. I was never going to let her stare at a television, and I certainly was not going to let her sleep in my bed. I had a crib set up for her in her own room, and I had all the best intentions of using it.

Then reality set in. I realized just how incredibly hard it was to wake up in the middle of the night multiple times just to breastfeed her in the recliner that I had set up in the room. More than once, I fell asleep in the recliner, and I woke up only to realize I had nearly dropped my precious baby girl. That was it, I took her to bed with me. I figured despite what everyone said, co-sleeping had to be safer than dozing off in the recliner and letting her fall off my lap. That’s how my search for the best co-sleeper for breastfeeding really began, I’ll come to that a bit later.

So we began co-sleeping. And yes, down the road when we were done breastfeeding, it was very difficult to get her to sleep in her own bed. And what do you know? I found out I was pregnant again by the time my baby girl was just a few months old. I decided it was time for a co-sleeper. I tried the small, cheaper one first- the one that laid on the bed with the edges. That all but kicked my husband out. There just wasn’t enough room. That’s when I looked into the bedside co-sleepers. They looked perfect. I decided to look into some of the reviews. At the end of my research, I decided on the Arms Reach co-sleeper.

Arms-Reach Co-Sleeper


I personally believe that this is absolutely the safest way to co-sleep. The straps attach to the bed so there’s no chance of the baby slipping through the crack between the bed and the co-sleeper. This is the one I decided on. And I was not disappointed.

My second child learned to sleep in a bed that was his own, and yet it was right next to me for easy access for breastfeeding. I never felt that he was unsafe. I reached over to comfort him back to sleep when he woke up during the night and I was sure he didn’t need to eat. I could pull him close to me to eat and put him back when he was done in one simply move.

It was by far the easiest and safest way to breastfeed through the night. I chose a mini co-sleeper because it fit in the room best, and he really didn’t need more room any-way. I never regretted the choice to get a mini. It was easy to pack up and take along for trips.

Baby Delight Snuggle Nest


This was the co-sleeper my sister chose to use. She didn’t need much extra room on their bed, and she preferred to have her baby on the bed with her. The edges of the co-sleeper never seemed to bother her the way they probably would bother me. She loved this little co-sleeper because it was even easier to pack up and take somewhere.

It simply folded in half and was light as a feather. Personally, I would still worry that my husband or I would roll over on top of the co-sleeper, but my sister reassured me that the edges are too hard to roll over on without waking up. I had to admit that it would have been nice to have something so easy to pack up for traveling.

Countours Classique Wood Bassinet


Based on my research and knowledge of what friends have used with their infants, I believe that this is the third best option. Although not as easy to fold up and take along, it is gorgeous, safe, and easy to use. The sides don’t come down like the Arm’s Reach, and it is not as easy to pack as the Baby Delight, but for some of my friends whose babies slept through the night much earlier than did mine, this was the perfect option. One friend of mine swore by it, claiming that having that edge up all the time made her feel her baby was safest.

However, she also preferred not to have the bed right next to her own. She chose to slowly move the baby’s bed farther and farther away from her own in order to allow the baby to adjust to not being near her at night.

If you’re expecting, or planning to be expecting, it is good to know these things ahead of time so that you don’t waste your money on things you will never use. For example, I never even used a crib. My kids went straight from co-sleeper to toddler bed. Hopefully this list contained some helpful information that will help you decide what you need and what you don’t need before that precious bundle of joy arrives.

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Leaving Your Baby with Dad!

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When you want to go to work or travel to some destination and there is no other person you can leave your kid with except your husband, you need to have the best tips on how to prepare the diaper bag. This will not only help them manage taking care of the child but also find it to be an interesting thing that they will wish it happened again. The things that you will be expected to have in the diaper bag will depend on some other factors. Among them is the time you will be away.


Essential things that you need to have in the diaper bag

To begin with, diaper bags are very essential for dads as these bags can hold every necessary item of your baby and he need not fiddle around and looking for the things. The best diaper bags have designated compartments for baby items. Get a bag for dads and start putting below listed items in it.

The diapers are a very crucial for you to forget packing them in the bag. The longer you will be out the more you need t have in the bag. You can have one for every hour and some extra two just in case you stay longer than you thought it would take you to be back from the place. The other thing you should include is the wiping materials. Ten wipes will not be a bad number as long as you are not going out for longer hours. The wipes are not only meant for the changing the diapers but also for the hands that might be sticky.

The hand sanitizer will make the father find it easier and comfortable taking care of the young one. This will be useful in the cleaning of the hands after he has made the changes in the diapers after every hour as mentioned before.

The changing pad is similarly necessary to spare your spouse from having the worst day in their life since taking care of children might not be something they are familiar. A good number of diapers feature one that you can reuse but a decision to have one that is separate will make things even better. Alternatively, you can replace the changing pad with the normal hand towel. With time the clothes that your kid will be putting on will get dirty and therefore it will be wise of your to have some extra clothing accompany the other things in the bag.

You child will of course need something to keep them satisfied when you are busy somewhere. The bottle (s) of formula should top you list of things to live your spouse with as you getting going. With the above information definitely you are in the best position to answer the big question, how to prepare the diaper bag when leaving the baby with dad.

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